Our insight & experience in scaling software helps you take the lead.

We help you drive a competitive software strategy with a solid execution. Define smart strategies and architecture to not have to reinvent the wheel. Select the right tools and technologies for the job to be done. We let you build and maintain a team of top developers, with a process geared for productivity and high-quality.

We perform a thorough due diligence on your software, development process, and team. Prepare yourself for a VC funding round; address productivity and quality issues; identify risks and blockers for scaling up.

What do we look at? Among others:

  • Business opportunity
  • Software strategy & roadmap
  • IP potential
  • Validation of customer requirements
  • Requirement capturing & UX process
  • Architecture & technical debt
  • Technology stack vs. state-of-the-art
  • Quality & test process
  • CI/CD process
  • Agile delivery & planning process
  • Team dynamics & communication

Together we define a strategy and roadmap for software development. Incremental steps from where you are today to a top-notch software product.

What does the strategy hold? Among others:

  • Product & technology roadmap
  • Approach for legacy and tech debt
  • Software quality process
  • Software architecture definition & migration path
  • Build the patent & IP strategy
  • Assess new technology fit
  • New technology adoption plan

Sometimes you just need help in getting things done. As sparring partner for your CTO or tech team, we help you realize the software strategy. In small increments, delivering business value in each step.

What can we do for you? Among others:

  • Optimize the software development & release process
  • Fine-tune the development team organization & roles
  • Grow key developers to leadership positions
  • Define an optimal hiring methodology to bind talent
  • Assess candidates
  • Drive adoption of Agile principles


A monolith architecture can be a showstopper to scale. On the other hand, microservices have their own challenges. How do you incrementally go to a more performing architecture without losing customers or market timing?

How to support on-premise and cloud-native deployments? How do we best leverage cloud services? How to control cloud cost? How to design the right data platform and unlock data for our business users? What about MLOps, AI, and deploying genAI use cases safely?

Cowboy-coding may have got you to market fast. A product that does not aggravate customers requires a more solid development approach. How to build the right process and culture that balances getting things done with software quality?

Scaling the team will likely require a reorganization of roles and teams. What organization approaches work best for you? How to coach and grow team leads? How to move key developers out of the daily operations into a more strategic role without losing productivity? How to find, attract, and interview developers? How to build the right culture that balances getting things done with software quality, innovation, and an engaged team?

Code that is deeply intertwined and lacking a modular structure can quickly block new product development. Software that originated from different teams, using different languages and frameworks, may have become a Tower of Babel. Engineers not having a common language and understanding to base new development on. You may lose your market window if you are forced to rewrite your product from the ground up in a consistent and modular structure. How do you make sure you don’t end up in this situation?

Plans that scale with business

Our fractional CTO services are your on-demand, technical leadership solution. Note this is different to an interim position, which is often full-time for a limited period.

4-5 hours

Technical Review

Due Diligence of your technology for the road ahead

Advice & Guidance

  • Business Opportunity
  • IP Potential
  • Product & Architecture
  • Development Process
  • Privacy & Security
  • Team & Hiring


CTO mentorship

Mentoring on every aspect of a CTO's role

Advice & Guidance

  • Product & Tech Strategy
  • Team Challenges
  • Architecture & Quality
  • Data & AI Strategy
  • Development Process
  • Compliance & Security

3-4 hours / week


Prepare your technology and team for growth

Advice & Guidance

  • Lean Startup Strategy
  • Team Hiring & Culture
  • Dev, ML, Data, FmOps
  • IP Portfolio
  • Cloud & Cost Strategy
  • Data & AI Strategy

5-7 hours / week


Transition to a scalable software organization

Advice & Guidance

  • Scale-Up Strategy
  • Hiring & Coaching
  • Team Organization
  • Tech Debt Mitigation
  • Cloud Scalability & Cost
  • Data & (gen)AI Strategy
Sven Bakkes

“Martijn is a distinguished Chief Technology Officer with a unique ability to align technology with business strategy and execution. His extensive experience across corporate and entrepreneurial settings has proven invaluable in building dynamic tech teams and driving growth. We at LUMO Labs wholeheartedly recommend Martijn to any forward-thinking software startup or scale-up focused on technological excellence.”

Sven Bakkes

Founding Partner LumoLabs

Dominik Winter

“Working with Martijn is amazing. You instantly feel that he knows what he is talking about. Really hands on mentality, listens first and then talks with you how you can make your things better. No generic blabla. Even good for a joke sometimes.”

Dominik Winter

Managing Director Fimo Health

Rogier Verstralen

“We asked Martijn to review our application and the way it was built and set up. We quickly learned that Martijn was thorough, hands-on, and a straight shooter who could pinpoint what was good and what needed improvement. With his help, we were able to define the next steps, which will help us transition from start-up to scale-up. We are still in the middle of that process, and with Martijn’s background, experience, and the insights he shares, we know we are on the right track.”

Rogier Verstralen

Project Lead Radboudumc